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Name:Kono Kalakaua
Birthdate:Dec 12
Location:Hawaii, United States of America
Officer Kono Kalakua is a recent HPD graduate and former professional surfer, and she is also a cousin of Lt. Chin Ho Kelly.

At the age of fifteen, Kono was recruited by the CEO of Coral Prince Surfing, Ian Adams. Several years went by, and Kono blew out her knee during a tournament. Devastated that she could no longer compete professionally, Kono decided to become a cop. She is now a graduate of the Honolulu Police Academy and a member of Five-0

Despite being the only female member and the rookie of the team, Kono established herself quickly. She is highly skilled in martial arts, and is loyal to her team, especially to her cousin, Chin Ho. Kono blames Chin's ex-fiancee Malia for leaving him. Kono is not afraid doing her job, and is quite a formidable cop.
Kono is currently learning more and more about the duties of being a cop. Kono does not easily forgive herself if she makes a mistake. Kono is also the only who calls Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett "boss." Like her cousin, Chin, Kono shows deep loyalty to Steve. When Kono realizes the truth about Chin's leaving the force (the fact that her cousin took the blame for their uncle's crime) she becomes angry that Chin did not tell the truth. She tells Chin that after their Aunt Mele passes, Chin has to tell the truth.

Skills and Abilities
As an officer of the Hawaii 5-0 task force, Kono is skilled in a variety of areas:

Observational Skills - Although not a honed as the more seasoned members, Kono skills possess great observational skills.
Technologically Adept - Just like Steve and Chin, Kono is exceptionally skilled at using any type of technology and usually have some sort of one on her at all times.
Expert Sharpshooter - Kono is a trained sniper, presumably learning to handle a rifle while attending the Police Academy.
Adept in Water - Kono is an excellent swimmer and a avid surfer as seen throughout the series.
Hand to Hand Combat - Despite her graceful appearance, Kono is quite capable of defending herself and exceptionally skilled in hand to hand combat having trained in various martial arts. It would appear that her most perferred style is Karate.
Dealing with Children - Kono is very sympathic towards kids (she seems to have younger relatives) and is quite skilled in getting a kid to interact with her. This was displayed when she got Lily Wilson to open up to her about witnessing her mother arguing with a man.
Interrogation/Questioning Suspects - Following Steve's approach towards suspects, Kono is actually a good inquistor being able to get the information she wants out of people by using law enforcement or whatever she can improvise with.
Undercover Operations - Kono has gone undercover several times, most notably in the pilot, since as a rookie police officer/cadet, she is less likely to be recognized than the other members of her team.

[Bio is taken from here. Kono is taken from the 2010 version of Hawaii 5-0. No copyright infringement is intended & mun only lays claim to this rp interpretation of the character. They own nothing of the 2010 (or original) version(s) of the character or the series. Both mun & muse are over 18.]
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